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Welcome to Awakening Ekhaya, a social movement platform that conducts community research on issues related to spiritual wealth, women and children, environmental consciousness, and the Black diaspora.
We are dedicated to empowering communities and promoting positive change. Through our research and engagement, we aim to raise awareness, advocate for social justice, and foster a sense of unity within diverse communities. Our platform is designed to amplify the voices of marginalized groups and drive meaningful action towards a more equitable society.


Community-Centered Research

Our initiatives are centered around community-driven research aimed at understanding and addressing pressing issues affecting our society. We collaborate with local leaders, organizations, and individuals to gather insights, analyze data, and develop impactful solutions.
Through our research, we strive to bridge the gap between academia and grassroots movements, ensuring that our findings are accessible and actionable. By prioritizing community perspectives, we are committed to creating sustainable change and empowering communities to shape their own narratives.

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