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And In the Beginning | Rediscover the Bible

The Holy Bible

The Old Testament

Authorized King James Version

The First Book of Moses, called Genesis

Chapter 1, verses 1 and 2

I love it when God wastes my time! In writing the bible, here I am devoid of man’s voice hovering gently over my ear to spill the words that will become gospel into this book.

Still, this is god’s word and not theirs alone but also Spirit and the Goddesses. I am grateful to be the extension of their tongue. My hands working as the and. Hand y and. I’ll need to mix lessons of another language in order to see this journey through for English is only capable of telling part of the story. Though in truth this will always only be part of the voice God wishes to speak over us now. It will require us all to write and write and speak and record with all of our unique perceptions of source, all infinite expressions of source endlessly we must not cease at the creation of one teacher but rather breathe life into each of our individual narrations, for this act of community storytelling will bring us closer to the Godceited love needed to usher Earth and our vast universe into new plasma, magma.

We are magnanimous in our persistence to survive, yes. But hope cannot be falsified, you need to truly believe we deserve to go on. If you cannot do this now, find smaller ways to keep the soul alive, as long as you keep going, keep the hand, the breath of and y creation, this shall be enough.

And so, in the beginning, God created the heaven and Earth. Creation is a shared act in it’s nature. Perhaps it should be co-creation that is the root word and creation which springs from this. In whose space did God create the heavens and the earth? In Spirit.

And the earth was without form, and void; you cannot know what does not exist, taking to heart that even existence varies in her multitudes. To be void, to be formless is to be nothing consciously, to be alive in the simpler perceptions of the word. To be Spirit is akin. Kin in the way we have always been within our ancestors, destined through our ephemeral, immortal placement within the womb, to have always held possibility. You were always part of the plan, always there, taking space, perhaps not up but with and through. Perhaps we are considered weightless until given physical form but the light of spiritual bodies is as heavy with the magic of life as the formed being.

And hasn’t it always been that what we cannot see, weighs on us the most? What is darkness? And darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. When God wrote, in the beginning, which beginning was in reference? And is beginning skin to the start of it all, akin to conception or perhaps just a marker on a spectrum of consciousness where the energies of physical and form begins to lead? How much existed before life? And if God created life, what is water? What is darkness and then unformed? There is language we are missing. Or is it love? The fluid, the formless, the dark. All expressions of love? Love. and so is Spirit and Love sisters, familiars, soul and body? Spirit the body, love the soul. And in all, are souls, is Love. And in God is Spirit, is love, which moved to reimagine for possibly the first time ever and transform. Was the first act of creation in God’s hands, the first death and rebirth?

And so, who is this original Ancestor. And it was not God, the body but the Spirit which made the first connection, the first expression of physical touch in a state of death upon itself. An act of love and an act of suicide, Spirit the first understanding of this Christ consciousness we’ve become familiar with through the life of Jesus. What does it mean to not be created? Where does that existence evolve from? Or perhaps the direction of understanding must change.

To exist outside of time as God and Spirit do as well as many other energies, expand in their personal creation through their external creations. Descendants who mold the lives and bodies of their parents, their Ancestors. In the beginning expects that there was more outside of beginnings, that there were others? To go outside the beginnings is to discover who and what? God went within in order to create the beginning, and so there is a space outside God, a space that allows for an enclosed space to exist. What is outside God? What, who or where is God, in full form? Who watched as God went within and in self-creation from his own source, what did God not require? It is interesting that in the beginning

God made it clear that he was not alone, that he never has been. And yet, there was more that God needed, love God had yet to experience, love that could only come from within, in this new thing called the beginning, was this perhaps the first exploration of the self? Of the soul? The first incarnation of Spirit in a smaller breath.

You’ve all done such a beautiful job at creating as I look around me, I’m profoundly proud to be human.


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