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Awakening Ekhaya

Where Transformational Healing Begins


Meet Zanele

Zanele Chisholm is an intuitive healer, spiritual teacher, and mystic with a passion for building bridges within communities through healing and empowerment.

Our Offerings

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Ancestral Healing Work

As a medium for the Ancestral realm and Divine channel, Zanele Chisholm will work together with you, your Ancestors, Spirit team, and the Divine to help map out the generational patterns occurring in your Ancestral line that are pivotal to entering your awareness in this lifetime so you can heal, move forward, and return home to yourself with a fullness of healed and resting Ancestors.

  •  First Session: 1-1 For 1 Hour - $99

  • Follow-Up Sessions: 1-1 For 1 Hour $79



Are you in search of a deeper connection to yourself? Feeling off track or struggling to trust in yourself? Tarot and Oracle readings are a safe, loving, and empowering way to receive the confirmation and guidance you need while also helping to ground your Spirit in your cosmic nature by recognizing the vastness of your existence beyond the Earthly plane.


Intuitive readings are meant to be a source of empowerment for each individual to recognize the strength and voice of their soul and find a healing and loving connection to the spiritual energies within themselves. Through readings, we can connect with your Spirit Guides, Ancestors, and other cosmic energies desiring to reach you.


Readings are meant to confirm to you what you already know and help you to gain deeper trust in yourself. You should always leave a reading feeling empowered even if that empowerment comes with some complex emotions, readings are never meant to make you feel powerless or insufficient. As a reader, I am always working to help people stand in their essence and see themselves as the ultimate source of love, healing, and guidance that they could ever need. I am simply a channel, YOU are the magic!


All readings are pre-recorded with options for a live session follow-up. I choose to give messages this way because I find the heart of messages comes through more clearly when it is able to be expressed without interruptions that might happen during a live session and people often need time to process and perhaps watch their reading again before going into a deeper discussion about it. 

  • Full-Session Tarot & Oracle Reading - $79

Full-session Tarot and Oracle readings range from 30 minutes to over an hour. When it comes to the Spirit realm putting a timer on a message doesn't work. I allow myself to flow through your energy taking my time and going into as much detail as possible so more often than not the length of your reading will change from session to session. A 30-minute reading is just as great as an hour-long reading. I encourage folks to let go of any attachments around how you may assume your reading needs to be expressed and allow Spirit to speak to you!


Follow-up Sessions: 1 hour - $34

Intuitively Channeled Guided Meditation


Ever wished you could receive a guided meditation specially crafted for you and your unique essence? Well with our Divinely Guided Intuitive Meditations, you can have your own personal grounding meditations written and recorded for your essential needs and desires. 

The focus of these meditations can be left open for me to channel as Spirit sees fit or we can craft guided ceremonial meditations that act as activators and initiations into new energies and awakenings for your Spirit. Check out some of our options below!


Each meditation includes a written script of your ceremony as well as a voice recording of the meditation.


These are for personal use and are sacred gifts from my Spirit and the vast Universe to you. Please do not copy these meditations or release them for others to use without checking in with me first. Please honor the work. Thank you!

  • Personally Crafted Guided Meditation - $100

If you're open to receiving whatever guidance Spirit has for you then this personalized meditation is a great option.

Perspective Partner

Are you someone who struggles to trust your own opinion? Do you often find yourself in need of other's advice? As your perspective partner, instead of offering you another perspective, I will support you as find the path to your own highest and greatest perspective in alignment with your Soul. We will identify blocks in your pattern of thinking that keeps you stuck, hold you acountable to clearing out old ways of thinking, and work to build trust in your discernment. 

I want you to feel confident and empowered through your own ways of thinking. 

  • 1 Hr  - $52

What Clients Say


"That was a wild ride! You were very much on the right track."

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